PAC 150 Book Launched

We are delighted to announce that PAC Old Scholar, Mr Rob Linn, has been commissioned to produce a special 250-page coffee table style publication to celebrate momentous occasion of our 150th Anniversary,

Already the research undertaken for this publication has revealed that Prince Alfred College, and its people, are rich and boundless sources of stories of innovation, resilience, inspiration, discovery and triumph.

Unique and important records have been unearthed from the College archives and also sourced from widespread networks across the community from key people associated with the College over many decades.

This publication is not aimed at replicating or extending the invaluable works previously undertaken for the College by the late R.M. Gibbs. Instead, the finished product will be more of a stroll down memory lane in the company of rare photos, intriguing documents and fascinating vignettes that chronicle the full and flourishing 150 years of PAC.  A brief decade by decade overview will also be incorporated into the book with the combined result providing a remarkable and intimate snapshot of College life.

The book comes in both a (limited) Premium Edition and a standard Classic Edition.

The leather bound Premium Edition is presented in a box slip cover with Sesquicentenary. There are only 150 copies of the Premium Edition each of which are individually numbered also come with a unique Sesquicentenary bookmark.

The Classic Edition is a hardcover half bound special edition with a maximum print run of 1,000 ensuring this too will be a coveted memento of our Sesquicentenary year.

Early bird pricing is available for orders made prior to 30th September 2018. The book will be released in July 2019.

Click below to view or download the order form for PAC150 book

150 Book Order Flyer – Final